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Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway is a short trailer following a group of friends through the Rocky Mountains in search of the famous Fenn Treasure.

The documentary follows the characters through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana, as they meet new people and explore national parks. Directed by Sean Russell.

Local Business Shifts in Geneseo, NY 2014

Produced for a video production class, this sample news package details shifts in local businesses in the Geneseo area at the end of 2014. The changes include the repurposing of a popular tavern, change in ownership of a heavily-frequented cafe, and a new face for a beloved restaurant.

Genesee Valley Cooperative Interview

In this short news package, I interview SUNY Geneseo students Sarah Diaz and Tom Silva about their work as founding members of the nationally recognized Genesee Valley Cooperative. As stated on their website, the objective of the organization is “promoting a sense of community by engaging in a sustainable and locally orientated lifestyle.” The co-op follows the Rochdale Principles, which are listed below.

The Rochdale Principles: 1) Voluntary and Open Membership 2) Democratic Member Control 3) Member Economic Participation 4) Autonomy and Independence 5) Education, Training, and Information 7) Concern for Community

Exile on Court Street

Live music video featuring local Geneseo band Exile on Court Street, filmed by Sean Russell for The Lamron student newspaper of SUNY Geneseo. The video was recorded during an interview with the band for an article about the success of their recent recording project. Filmed using a Canon t3i and 50mm f/1.4 lens.